Visit our website and learn everything you need to know abut electrical power engineering, district heating and reewable energy sources. Meet industry leaders! But start with the "Elements of Nature".




The element that the human race managed to harness long ago – in the prehistoric period. The ability to use fire is a characteristic distinguishing man from other living creatures, which has the evolution so spectacular. See how many aspects of life have been affected by this technological achievement!




Chemical compound – its unique properties determine life on Earth. Thanks to its versatility it affects nearly all areas of life. It is a widely used source of renewable energy. Check from when!



A common element that is necessary for life just like others. We realise how inevitable it is when we are out of breath. Primordial communities saw it as an invigorating breath and associated it with the supernatural.

Nowadays, wind power is an excellent alternative for conventional power engineering.





Electrical phenomena are an inseparable feature of the matter making up the universe. Electricity is the most common form of energy and it has gained a predominant position. Learn about the remarkable origins of electrification and inventions that have contributed to the development of science and technology.




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